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  • Goa Sudharop

Goa Sudharop's Continued Pandemic Response in Goa

In connection with Goa Sudharop's ongoing outreach during the pandemic in Goa, 100 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) outfits were donated this month to frontline workers at the Margao Hospicio (hospital). These warriors are our Goan heroes/heroines committed to protecting the health of Goans.

Goa Sudharop's Executive Representative, Verma D'Mello, delivered the PPE on behalf of Goa Sudharop. The PPE was made by women in conjunction with Goa Sudharop's Thread-Up project which provides under-privileged Goan women an opportunity to earn an income. The materials and sewing machines have been donated by Goa Sudharop through the kind generosity of donors.

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