Formerly known as Aadhar

A project to uplift women and young girls in rural village communities in Goa. 


SEW (sō) verb:  to repair, fasten, or join (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine

The Thread Up campaign, initiated by Verma D'Mello, Goa’s renowned fashion designer, in partnership with Goa Sudharop, seeks to repair and restore the respect and dignity of under served populations in Goa, fasten their grip on education, and join in enhancing the confidence that comes with learning a skill, working a trade, and providing for a solid financial future.

The availability and access to resources that encourage women and young girls to improve their lives prevents them from falling prey to injustices and exploitation.  Your generous donations to this campaign will change the lives of the participants by:

  • providing rural villages with a variety of workshops focused on hygiene and sanitation as well as awareness and avoidance of child exploitation;

  • supplying sewing machines along with professional training to encourage self-sufficiency and to highlight the rewards that come with the art of sewing;

  • providing children with school supplies and uniforms needed to complement the free education offered in Goa.


Join us as we celebrate the power of supporting these under served communities and recognizing the transformation possible when given the tools to create one’s own life path.

Women are the seamstresses of humanity; without them the world would come apart at the seams.


Project Lead: Verma D'Mello

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