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In response to the pandemic, Goa Sudharop was the first non-profit in the diaspora to offer assistance to people impacted by the pandemic in Goa.

  • In April 2020 and June 2020, we provided food to low-income villagers.

  • In June 2020, we started the Farm Project to provided jobs to low-income women.

  • In August 2020, we supplied PPE to frontline and other essential workers.

  • In December 2020, we are organizing several free eye camps for the needy.

  • On December 22, 2020, we launched a shop to support jobs and provide income to Goans.

  • In February 2021, another eye camp was held in the remote village of Dabel.

  • In March 2021, a feminine hygiene workshop was held for young women.

  • On March 21, 2021, Goa Sudharop hosted an eye-camp in conjunction with the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Goa, and the GOA OUTREACH COVID Relief Fund.

  • On April 9, 2021, Goa Sudharop hosted a skill and motivational development workshop for women.

  • On April 11, 2021, Goa Sudharop hosted their first pop up market to help people earn an income in this difficult economy.

  • In May 2021, Goa Sudharop is providing food and transport assistance in conjunction with the North America GOA OUTREACH COVID Relief Fund.

  • In July 2021, Goa Sudharop provided groceries to 300 families who were impacted by the COVID pandemic.

  • From July to August 2021, Goa Sudharop supported 12 children who lost their parents to COVID by taking care of their education and healthcare costs and providing food and clothing. 

To further our pioneering COVID Assistance work which begun in April 2020, and in keeping with our ongoing outreach to the worldwide Goan community and our 20-year success of the World GOAN Network which has involved Goans on every continent, we are pleased to partner again with Goans and Goan groups and other well-wishers and supporters to help meet the dire need in Goa related to COVID relief. Please generously donate to this worthy cause.


To send a donation, make checks payable to "Goa Sudharop" and mail to: Goa Sudharop, 873 Windsor Hills Circle, San Jose, CA, 95123 or click DONATE NOW for credit or debit card payments via Paypal.  All USA resident donations are tax-deductible in the USA. For more information please email


If you are interested in having your company participate in Employee Matching or to see a list of current companies which can match your employee donations, please see Goa Sudharop's Employee Matching Contributions

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