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  • Acaria Almeida

Helping HIV positive babies in the South Province of Goa

Goa Sudharop reached out to the Goan community in the Bay Area to support an appeal to provide emergency assistance for HIV positive babies under the care of Nitya Seva Niketan.

Nitya Seva Niketan is a perpetual service center in the state of Goa founded in 1978 by the Pilar Fathers. The mission of the center is to “spread the mission of love to the Goa”. The center originally served the needs of the poor and in 2004 expanded its services to care for, rehabilitate and empower women and children with HIV/AIDS. The center also spreads awareness of HIV/AIDS.

We would like to thank Bay Area resident Troy De Souza’s generosity. He was the first to contribute to the appeal for emergency funds to feed the HIV positive babies. His generosity allowed the Provincial Superior of the center, Sr. Alphonsa, to provide nourishment and care for the babies.

Additional requests to furnish the center for care and comfort are also being supported through employer matched donations by other donors.

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