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  • Goa Sudharop

A Call for Action

For the last twenty years, Goa Sudharop has worked for the betterment of Goa and Goans. Goa Sudharop stands against the injustice and racism happening towards the black community. We acknowledge what’s happening in the U.S. and around the world, and we believe that Black Lives Matter. Goan Americans have benefitted from the hard work and perseverance of the black community who fought for equality during the Civil Rights Movement (See Immigration Act of 1965). As immigrants, our community has experienced racism, but also often perpetuates racism, especially against black communities. It is time we address this inherent bias and educate ourselves. Goa Sudharop will continue to use our position and actions to address racism within our community and to build long-term change.

Here is how you can take action today.

Educate yourself: Seek out books, articles and films about the history and current issues facing marginalized communities, and recognize your own privilege.

Listen: Listen to what marginalized people are feeling and experiencing.

Get Involved: Sign a petition, attend a training, speak up and have the difficult conversations about race.

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