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  • George Pinto

Goa Sudharop and the pandemic in Goa

In connection with Goa Sudharop's outreach during the pandemic in Goa, 17 low-income families were given groceries and vegetables. During the lockdown we served milk, biscuits, fruits, eggs and juice to impoverished children. Water in tankers was supplied to a village in need. In addition, Goa Sudharop has provided an opportunity to underprivileged women to make hand-painted and embroidered masks which will be sold helping them to earn a living. PPE is being provided to frontline doctors and others. Dr. Sarvesh Sawant, as part of Goa Sudharop's volunteer medical team urgently attended to patients recommended by Goa Sudharop at no cost to the patients. Thank you to Dr. Sawant for his generous help and also thank you to all the donors and volunteers who made this happen. And a BIG thank you to Verma D"Mello for organizing and coordinating the entire effort.

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