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  • Melanie Nazareth

Hope Swirls Project Update

Hope Swirls was created by two teenage siblings, Andrew and Michelle Nazareth, to raise funds for the Sethu Center for Child Development and Family Guidance in Goa, India. Hope Swirls enables professionals at Sethu to use technology to address the five main deficits faced by children with autism.

Funds raised in the first year (2017) were used to purchase Quick Talker devices from the US and In Print Software from the U.K. in March 2018 – both of which enhance communication. In addition, with the funds that were raised Sethu purchased ‘TOBY’ Software & the e-book and cause and effect toys to help with play and social interaction, fidget toys and the ‘ASD Tools’ iPad App for attention and behavior, and a trampoline and oral vibrator equipment for sensory processing issues.

Pictured above are Sethu Professionals in Goa with Quick Talkers purchased from the funds raised by the Hope Swirls project.

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