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  • Ria Davis

Goa Sudharop hosts first Greenlight for Girls event in the Bay Area!

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, Goa Sudharop assisted Greenlight for Girls in hosting the first ever g4g Day in the San Francisco Bay Area. About 60 girls from 40 different schools throughout the Bay Area and as far as Sacramento came together at the West Contra Costa Salesian Boys & Girls Club in Richmond, CA to experience workshops in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math led by Professionals and role models from the Goan Community and from local Companies and Schools. The goal was to inspire these young girls to think about careers in STEM by emphasizing the link between science and fun.

Special guest speaker & CFO of Golden State Warriors, Jennifer Cabalquinto, kicked things off with a keynote speech sharing her journey growing up with all brothers, working in a male dominated field and how she grew into the great leader she is today. From there the day was engaging and inspirational as the girls broke out into the different workshop sessions.

The Science & Skin Care workshop was led by Goa Sudharop’s very own Vice President, Rebecca Lobo & Grace Wu. After a lesson on the layers of the skin and the causes of acne, the girls were able to mix together natural ingredients to create their own spritz that can help prevent Acne.

The Human DNA Extraction workshop led by Aloma D’Souza and Geralyn Lobo gave the girls a chance to learn what DNA is and what it looked like. They got to extract DNA from themselves and from a strawberry using real lab supplies and take it home with them.

Brandon Pereira and Max Reynolds led an exciting workshop on Robotics. The girls learned about different types of robots, sensors and how apps on a cell phone can be used to control them. They even got to see how the robots worked and had a chance to control them and make them race each other.

In the Engineer a Boat workshop, Riana and Tiana Menezes helped the girls to create cardboard models of two boats that they had built for a recent competition. They showed them how a blueprint design turns into an actual product and how teamwork is important in engineering. After building their boats they got to test them to make sure they could float.

Tanya D’Silva, Nathan Moniz & Michelle Choi led the CSI Fingerprinting workshop where the girls used science to solve a crime. Each team had to discover who the criminal was on the other team by identifying their fingerprint and comparing to the other members on the team using glue, heat lamps and water.

In the Climate Change workshop, Julie Hopper taught the girls about different invasive and non-invasive species and showed them how to find and identify them in plants and bushes that are all around us.

The Brain and our Senses workshop led by Ben Koo and Tina Novero demonstrated how the human senses like smell, touch, and sight can be affected by different outside factors. They even brought in a real human brain that the girls were able to see and touch.

Tracy Hepler from Google led the workshop Made with Code to show girls the basics behind coding and inspire a future generation of girl coders. Many girls had never coded before so this was a great way to introduce them to such an important and relative part of technology. The girls got to create their own personalized emojis and were so excited that they could continue their different coding projects at home through the Made with Code website.

During lunch, Samantha Mascarenhas led a group discussion on the importance of networking and challenged the girls to network with our volunteers by introducing themselves to them. It was a great opportunity for the girls to learn more about the other volunteers and about different jobs and hobbies they can pursue.

Overall, the event was a huge success thanks to all the workshop leaders and volunteers that took the time from their busy schedules to help make this event happen. Everyone had such a great time learning and teaching each other. A big thank you to all the donors and to our amazing volunteer team who reached out to family, friends and colleagues for donations to pay for the costs of this event which was free for the girls to attend. The girls also got to take home lab coats which they personalized and grab bags full of items donated by our generous sponsors including the Golden State Warriors, Google Made with Code, First Republic Bank, Retail Cloud, Blackrock and Kaiser Permanente Women in Technology . Many kids are already asking if we will have another event next year! But before that, Goa Sudharop is hoping to have another g4g Day@Goa event in January 2017.

If you missed this event you can still check out the live feed videos posted by our videographer, Nikhil Shastri on the Goa Sudharop Facebook page.

To see pictures from the g4g Day@SF Bay Area event click here!

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