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Promoting women's empowerment and providing them with sanitary living in rural villages of Goa. 


The Aadhaar project was inspired by the fact that in rural Goa there is an acute need related to women's sanitation and hygiene. Because there is a lack of closed and safe toilets in some rural areas, women are exposed to unsafe situations. Goa Sudharop wants to provide safe sanitation and hygiene facilities for women in these rural parts of Goa.


In addition to this, the Aadhaar project is dedicated to helping women who want to learn to sew in order to provide an income for their family.  This is being done so that through such empowerment they can be financially independent and secure.

On December 29, 2016 an event was held in Margao, Goa to launch and raise money for the Aadhar project.  High end dresses donated by fashion designer Verma D'Mello were sold with proceeds of the sales to be used towards this project.  In addition, sewing machines were given to women to begin their training.

The Aadhar project has now grown and evolved into Thread Up and aims to include several other initiatives geared toward improving the lives of those in rural villages in Goa. To learn more about these new initiatives, visit the Thread Up project page.  

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